Getting Started with Bullet Journaling

with Cathryn Vilbig

Getting Started with Bullet Journaling

with Cathryn Vilbig

About this class

Have you wanted to start bullet journaling but found it overwhelming or confusing? Well, think of this class as serious training wheels for your journey. Cathryn Vilbig has embraced bullet journaling as an important creative tool in her life - one that also keeps her organized and focused - and in this class, she’ll walk you through everything you need to start your own journal. You’ll learn the basics of bullet journaling, plus plenty of tools and tricks to keep in mind as you journal. Cathryn has also put together step-by-step instructions for dozens of pre-designed pages to help you set up your journal and for three months of daily planning. If you’re ready to get organized and creative, enroll now!

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Cathryn Vilbig

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10 lessons

This class covers the basics of bullet journaling and provides step-by-step guides and resources for setting up dozens of custom-designed pages that allow you to test out a variety of tools and styles.

3 hours 30 minutes

It'll take about 3.5 hours to work through all of the class content, but you'll need to put in extra hours to create your own spreads. This class provides material for up to 3 months of daily planning in your bullet journal.


Go at your own pace! All lessons will be available at once, so you can work through the class content on a schedule that works for you.

Class Lessons

01 | Intro

Welcome to Getting Started with Bullet Journaling, I’m so excited you’re here!

02 | Supplies + Techniques

What you'll need for this class as well as additional tools you may find helpful in the future.

03 | Bujo Basics

The structure and system of bullet journaling, plus tips and techniques to keep in mind.

04 | Future Log

Set up a future log with all the essential spreads for long term planning and tracking.

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